Puch Maxi rental

Discover southern Fyn on the back on a Puch maxi

At Danhostel Svendborg you have the option of going on an adventure on one of our old Puch maxis – complete with green milk boxes and fox tails.

These well-oiled machines can take you on a trip to Svendborg and the nearby area, where city life, fun stories and great nature awaits.

With a Puch maxi you get wind in your hair and natures amazing scents, all the while birds chirping are mixed with the familiar sound of a Puch maxi.

This classic will open up for a ton of fun and great trips, just buckle up, speed up.

When you take a Puch maxi out it is only you who decides what the journey will bring.
Maybe a team building event, a fun family outing, your bachelor party, or just an fun day out.

No matter what the fun little scooters are ready for you and your adventures, and we are more than happy to help with any ideas on where to go and will happily guide you to your destination.

Give a Puch maxi stay as a present

With our Puch maxi rental you always have the perfect gift idea at arm’s length.

Maybe you want to surprise a friend with a special gift, give your partner a different romantic date, or gather the family for a nostalgic reunion for any scooter lover.

No matter who the lucky person is, you can with a gift card for a Puch maxi stay be sure; to give a present they have never gotten before

Prizes go from 395,-

Gorilla Park

During your stay you can take a breather at Gorilla Park.

AND if you arrive on one of our Puch maxi’s there will be a FREE soda/water/coffee/tea/hot chocolate in there cafe “GO rillax”

The journey to Gorilla Park offers beautiful nature along the way.

And from the cafe you will be able to enjoy the sight of other guests swinging from trees and gorgeous view of the sea.

It’s only 10km from Danhostel Svendborg

Gorilla park offers: treetop climbing, Segway safari, clay pigeon shooting and group coaching for climbing as team building, plus hikes with a nature expert.

Puch Maxi Rental

Puch maxi on your own for 3 hours: kr. 395,-
From 10 – 13 o’clock or  from 14 – 17 o’clock
Puch maxi on your own, full day rental: 800kr.
Guided tour
You can book a guide who will take the group on an exciting trip around the area of Svendborg.
The route can vary and be customized to your wants and needs.
Maximum of 10 people on a guided tour.

Prize for 3 hours of guided tour: 1500kr. + 395kr. per guest.

Prize for 3 hours guided group tour (max 10 people): 4500kr.

WHEN you rent a Puch maxi with us, you will get:

  • 1 newly renovated Puch maxi in the rented timeslot
  • A back up if anything goes wrong
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Power full lock
  • Already mixed gas for the trip
  • Fox tail and milk box

Please remember

We are dealing with beautiful machines, which a lot of people are interested in. It is therefore important you ALWAYS secure and lock the scooter when leaving it.

We also require a few things of you:

  • We take a deposit of 1500kr when you rent from us
  • The scooter must be picked up personally
  • We need a copy of your driver’s license or ID
  • If you are under 20 you will need to be with an “adult”
  • The scooter is insured but the driver is NOT, therefore remember to check your own personal insurance


  • If you are to cancel a guided tour, you must do so 14 days before, without cost.
    At a later cancellation there is a fine of 500kr. For 3 hour tours and 1000kr. For whole day trips.
  • Cancellation for scooter rental it must be before 3 days of the scheduled time without cost, if you have rented up to 4 or more you need to cancel 14 days before, if done before 3 days there is a fine of 100kr per scooter.
  • You can alter the number of scooters with 1-2 without cost; bigger changes will cost 100kr per scooter.

Booking via phone:  +45 62 21 66 99 or dk@danhostel-svendborg.dk

Thanks to LAG-SØM who was helping with our Puch Maxi project

Danhostel Svendborg  //  Vestergade 45  //  DK-5700 Svendborg  //  +62 21 66 99  //  dk@danhostel-svendborg.dk  //  CVR-nr. 3305 8373